• Διακοπες στην ιθακη 2012

    Καταπληκτικη θεα φοβεροι φιλοξενοι ανθρωποι, αμεση εξυπηρετηση περασαμε τελεια!

    Αγγελος π&
  • thanks for a great time

    Hello :-)
    lots of greetings from germany.

    We have spend 1 night in june 2008 in your pretty house. The studio was very very nice and fine. Bright friendly colors and all what we need inside.

    Best wishes for you family.
    I think we will next year come again :-)

    Yours Anja

  • Thanks

    Thank you very much for the last summer rest, we spent a good time in your villa. I told about our rest all my friends.
    The atmosphere was very excellent, the rooms were clean and light and the place was comfortable.

    Anna, Maria and our families